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This project began in 2008 when, after decades of abandonment, an unexpected opportunity arose at the doors of this ancient noble house, which undertook a complete restoration of its uniqueness, changing its foreshadowed destiny completely.

Nevertheless, its resurgence did not materialize until the summer of 2015, when finally, its heart once again began to beat, as rural tourism accommodation in the superior category Group A – “Pazo”.

The passion for our cultural and natural heritage, as well as focussing on the recuperation of rural life, we think that after so many years of solitude and disrepair, the Pazo da Pena will once again shine brightly in the Manzanedan nights.

Since then, we work with the goal of developing, evolving and perfecting ourselves every day in order to offer all our guests an unforgettable pazoexperience.

Do you want to be a part of this young and passionate project?

Send us your CV in the following form and we will be happy to look at your profile in order to increase our personnel when we next complete a selection process.

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